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About us

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Deep BlueDot is a portmanteau for ‘Deep learning’ and ‘Blue Dot’—meaning earth. Our mission is to enhance life of our Blue Dot and everyone on it.

We are serial entrepreneurs who’ve previously built an automated QA solution using AI and computer vision for manufacturing industry, exited in 2019.

With our success in developing visual AI and integrating solutions on different levels for numerous firms, we intend to continue creating value in the new domain that best fits our skillsets—B2B SaaS.

Why Devign?

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With Devign, we aim to boost your team’s productivity by automating and streamlining issue reporting process. We found that about 30% of your team’s resources are lost in unnecessary long steps in design QA and functional QA—essential, yet painful and time-consuming.

We believe we can regain your most scarce resource—time by eliminating unnecessary steps using our AI powered tool. Because when crunch time comes during development phase, every second counts.

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