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Devign connects Dev tools

Your voice reminds us and strengthens our identity as productivity tool.

We aim to continue boosting your team’s productivity with our newly added features.

We would be happy to listen to your voice, as always.

Hope you enjoy the new features!

New Feature : Devign connects Dev tools Chrome console and network logs(HAR) are now available to be included in your report—both snapshot and recording. Console and network logs provide context to the issue being reported, and allows developers to inspect, pinpoint, and debug the problem quicker. Convenient new feature to one up your dev team productivity. Guide for browser console and network logs

  1. Snapshot : Turn on the Console & HAR toggle on Devign extension to collect data.

  2. Recording : It is always on. Devign collects logs all the time.

  3. You can view the collected logs under <Developer Tools> menu on the reported page(left hand side).

New Feature : Workspace facelift Workspace now offers two different views for you.

  • Card view

  • List view (default view)

Under the list view, you have a bird eye view on progress of each page/section, and whether a ticket has been successfully created on Jira thru Devign.

Better than ever

  • Snapshot and workspace page loading is 2x faster.

  • Slack alert now displays the title of reported issue—first comment—for easier preview of the report for everyone in the channel.

  • Title for the recorded issue is the time created when user doesn’t write it in.

  • Issue created dates are now 'dates,' not ‘yesterday,’ or ‘3 days ago’ for better readability.

  • For extra long texts, entire texts weren’t displayed on the comment box on the snapshot, under page view. Now you can write as long as you want and still be able to read it from each comment box on page view.

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